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Dry clean bedsheets

Dry clean bedsheets

Steaming and cleaning bedsheets is not a daily activity and lots of people forget to clean them. It is however very important to clean your bedsheets and pillows every 6 months to remove fungi, bacteria and house mite. We can make sure that you sleep under clean and fresh bedsheets.

Cleaning or steaming your bedsheets yourself?
The bedsheets often do not fit in your washing machine or dryer. And often the down or wool clot together and shrink. SuperNette cleans the bedsheets with professional supplies that assures optimal cleaning and freshness. Down bedsheets will be brought back in shape and receive their resiliency back.

Wool bedsheets always have to be chemically cleaned (steamed). The fabric will clot and shrink when you wash it and the bedsheets will not be fit to use anymore.

Please contact us when you have any questions regarding the possibilities or the cleaning process. We would be glad to give you advice.

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