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Hagerty carpet cleaning

Hagerty carpet cleaning

The perfect system for a perfectly clean carpet
Your vacuum cleaner is powerless against greasy stains. Parts of dirt make your carpet a breeding ground for bacteria, they impair the fibers and make colors fade. That is why your carpet needs HAGERTY. You will have a clean carpet with fresh smelling fibers that are quick dirt proof. The colors will look as new.

Research has found that HAGERTY also works as an anti-allergen, especially allergies for house mites!

The cleaning process
The Hagerty machine sprays the Hagerty spray-ex carpet cleaner solution into the carpet and sucks it back up almost immediately. The power of the solution takes care of a high cleaning result. The cleaned surface is because of the small humidity already walk proof within a few hours (carpets made of cotton take longer to dry).

You will be able to use the Hagerty machine for the cleaning of room wide carpet, rugs, and berbers. There is also an extra accessory that makes it possible to use the machine for furniture, stairs, car upholstery and mattresses.

Would you like to let your carpet cleaned more thoroughly by somebody else? Let them be cleaned by one of our specialists.

Are you short on time? Or are the materials too heavy? Use our pick up service.

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