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Dry clean colbert

Dry clean colbert

It is difficult to clean a colbert by yourself at home. They can only be chemically washed (symbol (P) is used when the item has to be chemically washed) most of the time. Only the dry cleaner can chemically clean the item for you. We advise against washing your colbert at home. The item can lose its color and shape.

SuperNette can clean your colbert professionally and with care for you. The colbert will be cleaned in an environment friendly machine. It will be put on an special machine that produces steam. This machine will make sure that the colbert will be put back in it’s original shape without wrinkles or folds. The colbert will be checked by hand to make sure that it is clean and shrink/fold free after that.

What kind of colberts can be dry cleaned?
You will be able to dry clean almost all fabrics through SuperNette. Wool, linen, silk, cotton or synthetic fabrics are all suited fabrics to dry clean.

What kind of stains can be removed from colberts?
Stains made out of grease like oil or butter can be removed by our chemical cleaning process. Your clothing can be chemical cleaned when you see the symbol (P) on the inside of your colbert.

Do you have stains like red wine, coffee or beer? We can remove them with our special laundry detergent. If we will be able to remove the stain depends on how long the stain has been on the item already, how bad the stain is, if you have washed the item yourself and what kind of fabric your item has been made of.

Please contact us when you have a stain and you are wondering if the stain can be removed. We would be glad to give you advice. Stains can be removed more easily than you think in some cases.

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