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Curtain cleaning

Dry clean curtains

Clean curtains are an important part of a well taken care of interior!

Curtains often are an expensive investment. You want them to be cleaned professionally and with care. SuperNette is the right address to clean them with care.

What kind of curtains can be cleaned?
All kind of curtains can be steamed. This is often the safest way to clean them. You will also be able to wash some of your curtains yourself. They will however be wrinkled and the chance that they will shrink is way bigger. We know how to make sure that the curtains will shrink minimally. There is always however a chance that the curtains will shrink (relaxation shrinkage).

What are the costs of the dry cleaning of curtains?
The costs of the dry cleaning depend on the squared meters (m2) of the curtain. This is measures by calculating the length x with of the curtain. The most easy way to do this is when the curtains is in a hanging position.

Gordijn meten

Not all of the prices are the same per m2. The price depends on the material (for example: linen, cotton, velour) and the number of layers (dimming) as well.

We will be able to pick up the curtain from the rails at the office/at home and return them on the rails at the office/at home. Please note that there is a cost for this service.

We are also able to make/repair/paint the curtains at SuperNette for you. We are able to make the curtains fire-retardant as well.

Please contact us when you have any questions regarding the possibilities or the cleaning process. We would be glad to give you advice.

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