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Blouses & shirts

blouses & shirts - dry cleaning, washing and ironing

People bring their blouses and shirts to the dry cleaner more and more instead of washing and ironing the items themselves. They are one of the cheapest items to dry clean and it saves you a lot of time. We will iron the clothes for you. We will be able to dry clean and iron all shirts/blouses made from cotton, linen and silk for you.

Typically blouses and shirts are only washed. Unfortunately this will not always make them totally clean. The collar is often stained with fats from the skin. It is also an item that is easily stained with substances like mayonnaise or jus. These are stains that are hard to remove, we do this by the following cleaning process:

  • Step 1: cleaning in the machine to remove stains from grease.
  • Step 2: washing the shirts/blouses to make them fresh again.
  • Step 3: the shirts/blouses are places on the “stoompop”, this is a machine that removes the wrinkles and folds.
  • Step 4: the shirts/blouses are checked manually and will be stored on a hanger in our store.

Which stains can be removed from shirts/blouses?

Stains on shirt occur a lot. This can be make-up, wine or fats on the sleeves or the collar. We are almost always able to remove the stains for you. We try it a second time when we are not able to remove the stain the first time. We do this to get the best result for our customers.

We are able to clean your clothing within two working days on average for you.

Please contact us when you have a stain and you are wondering if the stain can be removed. We would be glad to give you advice. Stains can be removed more easily than you think in some cases.

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