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Dry clean dress & gown

Dry clean dress & gown

Do you have any stains on your dress? Or would you like to freshen it up for a party? Bring your dress or gown to SuperNette and we will clean or freshen it up for you. We will make sure that your dress or gown looks neatly again.

Cleaning a bridal gown has to be done by a professional.

The gown that was a pig part of one of the most beautiful days of your life does probably have the stains of the day worn on it. Would you like to make your dress shine like the beginning of the day? We are most glad to help you.

Would I be able to wash my gown/dress myself? Or do I have to bring it to the dry cleaner?
You do not need to clean all of your dresses/gowns at the dry cleaner. It is however most of the time not a bad idea to let it be cleaned by a professional.

We recommend you to do as less as possible when there appears a stain on your dress/gown. The more you have tried to remove the stain, the harder it is for us to clean it for you. Never leave clothing with stains laying around for too long. The stains will be absorbed into the fibers and it will be more difficult to remove the stains.

What kind of dresses/gowns will be suitable for dry cleaning?
You will be able to bring almost every dress/gown. This can be a sweet summer dress or a dress or gown for a gala. We will also be able to clean togas, kaftans and takshitas for you.

Please contact us when you have a stain and you are wondering if the stain can be removed.
We would be glad to give you advice.

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