Boat cushions cleaning service

Boat cushions need to be professionally cleaned. Stomerij Supernette is expertly trained to clean boat cushions!
We all know the problem. After a long winter, You want to sail again with your boat. You take the boat out of the stall and see that the pillows have become of less quality. Not because of the intensive use but by discoloration or contamination, for example, by storing it. Cushions of your boat usually last for years. If your pillows get cleaned in due time, they will last longer!

We are specialist in cleaning your boat’s cushions. After receiving the cushions, they are inspected for stains and contamination. We always do this inspection before we begin.

After this inspection, the cushions are cleaned on a water basis. After cleaning them, a dirt-repellent layer is applied, this so-called ‘on-the-spot’ cleaning is done exclusively at Stomerij Supernette.

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