Carpet cleaner rental for solid floor coverings

The perfect system for hygienic clean carpet flooring.

Your vacuum cleaner is powerless against grease stains. Dirt particles make your carpet a nutritional basis for bacteria. Bacteria impair the fibers and make the colors disappear. That’s why your (expensive) carpet needs Hagerty. You will have hygienic clean carpet, with freshly smelling fibers resistant for fast re-pollution. The colors will look like new.

Also for protection against allergies.

An allergy research has shown that Hagerty works anti-allergenic and helps prevent allergies caused by house dust mites!

How does the Hagerty cleaner work?
With the Hagerty machine, a mixture of Hagerty Spray-Ex carpet cleaner and water is sprayed in the carpet and sucked up almost simultaneously. The powerful function of liquid ensures a quick and high cleaning result. The cleaned surface can be used in a short period of time due to the low residual moisture. Cotton carpet cover usually stays a bit longer.

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